100W LED Grow Light Bulb E27

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  • 💡🌱 LED GROW LIGHT BULB 🌱💡 – HELP YOUR PLANTS GROW 365 DAYS A YEAR – Stronger than most LED grow light bulbs in market! Are you tired of constantly moving your plants inside and outside? We at Easy Bright have your solution with our 100W LED grow light bulb. Our grow light bulb is strikingly equal to the sun and you will become a believer as your garden flowers grow ridiculously well.
  • 💡🌱 LED GROW LIGHT BULBS USE LESS POWER 🌱💡 – HELP THE ENVIROMENT – The grow light bulb itself is made up entirely of LED’s, 150 of them, so the power consumption is not even noticeable, only around 20W power consumption! When you rotate your plants around the 100W grow light bulb they start growing towards this awesome light cause of its tremendous effectiveness.
  • 💡🌱 STAY COOL WITH LED GROW LIGHTS 🌱💡 – SUPERIOR TO CFL GROW LIGHTS – Our LED grow light bulb puts out next to no heat so you don’t have to worry about cooking your plants when you leave the led grow lamp on. You will keep your plants alive and extremely healthy thanks to this fantastic bulb. We have heard comments from customers like double growth in short periods of time!
  • 💡🌱 PLANTS LOVE HYDROPONIC GROW LIGHT 🌱💡 – The full spectrum wavelengths of light from the LED enhance the photosynthesis performance which improves your plants growth RAIN, HAIL or SHINE. Our LED indoor grow light bulb is just what the doctor ordered for vegetable and herb cultivation, any greenhouse plants or flowers and hydroponic systems. If you want awesome results for tropical plants, basil, cilantro or medicinal plants, then our bulb is the answer.
  • 🥇 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 🥇 – If after you start using our 100W LED grow light bulb you are not impressed with the results you get along with absolutely loving it we will refund your money. Our world-class Easy Bright customer service wants you to be SATISFIED with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. The bulb comes with our 30 days 100% satisfaction guarantee and 18 month warranty. Get yours and more for family and friends TODAY!



From the manufacturer

Easy Bright 100W LED Grow Light Bulb

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars buying bulky overhead LED grow lights, when for a fraction of the cost you can harness the growing power of our full spectrum LED grow bulb! Why full spectrum? Because this saves you from needing to buy grow lights for different stages of the plant growth cycle. Our bulb is an all in one solution! Not only do you save money by choosing us, but you also save on your power bill. How do we achieve this? Our light is powered by LED technology which means only 20W of power is being used BUT still produces comparable brightness as a 100W incandescent bulb. Beware of cheap knock offs, get it right, get Easy Bright!

When You Use Our Grow Light

Save Time and Money

Because our grow light bulb is full spectrum, all growth stages are covered, which means you save time by not having to research another grow light and you save money as you only need our grow light bulb. Not only that, our bulb is powered by LED, so the power consumption is a fraction of the amount of power fluorescent lights draw.

Watch Your Plants Grow with Confidence

After countless customer success stories, we are proud to say that our light is all you need to watch your plants consistently grow 365 days per year, as our bulb is not weather dependent. Not only that, we are so confident you’ll love our LED grow light that we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Don’t Feel Restricted

Want to grow both flowers and vegetables? Or maybe just want to grow herbs? Our light works well with many different types of plants including fruit, vegetables, herbs and medicinal. It truly is a one stop solution! Not only that, the E27 base ensures you have flexibility to install our LED grow bulb almost anywhere you choose.

Feel Safe

Never burn your hand on your grow light ever again. LED technology ensures that the heat output of our LED grow light is minimal, which means your grow light set up is safer to touch. Finally you can focus on positioning your light, rather than trying not to burn yourself.

When You Order Today

24 Page E-Book!

‘All About Grow Lights’ PDF E-Book by Easy Bright. Covers all aspects of grow lights; the current market, technology, applications and set up.

Reputable Brand

We are a proud US seller. Don’t settle for cheap knock offs! Easy Bright was established to provide value and quality to customers, including world class support. On the very rare occasion if anything goes wrong with your order, rest assured Easy Bright will be here to help you.

Easy Installation

Got light bulbs in your house? Then you can install our LED grow light bulb! With the E27 base, you can grow your plants anywhere near a light bulb socket. It really is that easy! We suggest getting the bulb and clamp bundle for ultimate convenience.

24/7 Customer Service

We are famous amongst our customers for not only producing such a strong quality light, but also providing world class customer service, so in the rare case anything goes wrong, our team is here to help. Have peace of mind knowing that your grow will progress from strength to strength, while also knowing that you have our world class support team to assist you. Get it right, get Easy Bright!

Product description

Need a quality LED grow light bulb? Want your plants to grow 365 days per year? Want to buy from a quality brand that always puts their customer first? Easy Bright is your answer.

Who is this for:
► Any vegetable, fruit, flower or plant growers who don’t get consistent sunlight for their plants.
► Medicinal plant growers who want to create and maintain a small grow.
► Growers who want to save money on their power bill after using CFL grow lights.
► Anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on expensive overhead grow lights.

100W LED Grow Light Bulb:
✔ No need to switch lights at different stages of growth, our bulb is full spectrum.
✔ Feel confident touching our grow light bulb, it has little heat output.
✔ Over 150 LED’s ensure your plants get the best mix of light.
✔ No more taking plants in and out, sun light 365 days per year!
✔ 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so have peace of mind if your new LED grow light doesn’t work out.

Q: Is this really a 100W LED Grow Light Bulb?
Our bulb has the same brightness (lumens) as an incandescent bulb drawing 100W of power. Difference is, our LED grow light only draws 20W!

Q: Are PAR or lumens measurements available?
Red 620-660nm, Blue 440-460nm, IR 730nm, White 3500K-6000K. Between 4000-5000 lumens.

Q: What kind of plant is this bulb suitable for?
You should expect strong growth for various vegetables, fruit, herbs & aquarium. We’ve also seen incredible medicinal plant yields.

Q: What size of grow is this best suited for?
One bulb is enough for your small grow but we see that customers are so impressed that they buy multiple bulbs to expand their grow.

How to install your LED grow light bulb:
1. Screw into any standard E27 base.
2. Watch your plants grow like crazy. That’s it!

Don’t settle for cheap knock offs! Get it right, get Easy Bright. Click add to cart today!

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