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Quantum Board

The quantum board is a high-quality full-spectrum LED grow light suitable for growing plants and getting them to flower. It is ideal for lighting indoor grow operations. The light is made of aluminium, a durable but light material that is easy to carry and shift. The body is built with high-quality, less movable parts that are less prone to damage and breakage.

Features and Details

Each set of the quantum board includes:

  • 2pcs 288 quantum board
  • 1pcs long black heatsink 637x195x10mm
  • 1pcs MeanWell driver HLG-240H-48B
  • 1pcs dimmer
  • Hang wires, connect wires, connectors, and plug wire
  • 1-year warranty for the board and 5-year warranty for the driver

Longer Life Span

The quantum board uses the reputable Samsung Lm301b lights, which have adequate strength and a lengthy lifespan. Its lights comprise a continuous range of wavelengths from red and green to blue, creating a light blend that’s fit for horticultural uses.

50,000 Hour Life

The Full Spectrum Led Grow Light 50,000 hour life ensures the lighting needs for your plants and flowers are adequately met. Compared to outdated narrow spectrum LED lighting, these lights boost improved and balanced plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis, increasing plant immunity, and improving nutritional value. Also, the grow lights can boost general farming conditions by enabling farmers to monitor plant conditions more quickly. The bright white light, which is similar to sunlight, helps in spotting diseases at an earlier stage.

Dimmable Functionality

Mean Well designed the Quantum board to fit into the dimmable AC/DC class 2 power supply. It includes a constant voltage output mode designed to keep LED colour and brilliance consistent and dimmable from 0-100%. The unit offers pulse width modulation or resistance to fluctuate the duty cycle of the output. This design adds to the class of this power supply.

Power-240W Voltage- 48V

The grow light board body is made of aluminium, which has exceptional heat dissipation. It does not require cooling fans and runs quietly. Scientific high and low slots design can escalate the heat dissipation area. The IP65 waterproof box makes the grow lamp suitable for various environments, especially for hydroponics, greenhouse, commercial growing project, etc. It provides a perfect solution for indoor plants and flowers.

Uses PPFD Measurement

The measurement utilised by the LED light is PPFD, which measures the light that gets to the plant or flower. Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) is the number of photosynthetically active photons. The PPFD measures the rate at which these photons land on a specific surface per second. PPFD is a ‘spot’ measurement of a specific point on the grower’s plant shade. The advantage of the quantum board is that it has improved canopy penetration brought by diffusion of light.

Has NO Fans

Unlike other LED lights, the quantum board has no fans, thus providing a quiet growing environment. The LED light is built with an AC of 100-240V, which is more efficient because it consumes less electricity. With its module, you can control multiple lights using the wide range of controllers available in the market.

No Need to Swap between MH/CMH and HPS

The quantum board doesn’t require you to swap between MH/CMH and HPS. Replacing parts like HPS is also not necessary. This plant grows light can replace traditional 600W HPS/MH grow lamp while consuming only 240W; this saves 40% of the energy. The LED grow light offers more lighting and doubles the area of illumination compared to other grow lights.


Saves Energy

With lower watts, LED lights produce the same intensity of light as HPS and HID lights. This plays a vital role in helping growers save on electricity bills. The quantum board has been tested to determine the difference between the High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps and the LED lighting bulbs. The results showed that LED lights lower energy consumption by up to 50%.

Longer Lifetime

The biggest benefit of LED grow lights is the long lifetime. The light-emitting diodes have high-efficiency and low-energy use. This makes them ideal for continuous lighting. Moreover, after use, LED lights don’t stop working abruptly but slowly drop in brightness. This helps the grower to know when to change the lights for higher efficiency.

You can swap out the old LEDs for new ones to enhance consistency. For an indoor environment where continuous lighting is important, it’s a big
advantage to have long-lasting LED bulbs. This reduces costs because there is no need for frequent maintenance. It also saves the time spent on servicing the lighting system.


While other bulbs may contain mercury and release toxic vapours when they break, LED grow lights are considered the safest option. They are not entirely metal-free, don’t contain mercury, and their light diodes are very small. They are less prone to breaking.

Less Heat, More Light

The LED lights directly convert electric energy to light. LED grow lights emit less heat than the lighting methods of other grow lights. This is important because too much heat can damage plants. It can affect their growth and reduce their lifetime. The higher efficiency and low heat of LED grow lights enhance growth in plants.

Easy Installation

These LED lights are easy to install, even in limited growing spaces. The design features an “all-in-one-package” that ensures straightforward i
nstallation. Simply plug in and hang the light. Ensure there is steady and sufficient airflow to maintain ideal temperatures. This prevents overheating and damage to your plants.


The dimming controller allows the grower to customise the proportion of wavelengths transmitted to the plants and flowers. Most LED grow lights
offer dimmable functionality. This means you can change the intensity from 1% to 100%. Sometimes the full power is not required, which means the
grower can make a different combination of the lights. For example, a grower can dim the blues by a certain percentage and utilise the full percentage of reds and whites depending on the growing stage of the plants.

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Free Shipping in North & South Island.

  • Secure Online Purchasing
  • Best Prices in New Zealand + Free Shipping
  • Equivalent to 600W HPS with only 240W
  • Latest LED Technology, Adjustable Output
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