Shipping and Import Fees

In the future we may build and sell our own products or provide a platform for local businesses to connect with consumers, but for now all our sales are done through affiliate links by connecting suppliers with consumers.

Because of this we built the shipping and import costs for each product including the GST into the price listed on this site. That means no bad surprises when you reach the shopping cart.

As currently all our products are sold through affiliate links we do not stock or ship your items or collect any payment from you. Your payment will be directly with the supplier and/or our affiliate who supplies the product you ordered. As the products on this site are fulfilled by Amazon, shipping, import duty and tax will be handled by Amazon and has been reflected in the price the product is listed for here on

The prices listed on this site reflect orders of one product per checkout. This is because import duties and GST collected will increase as the total cost of your cart increases and thus increasing the total amount required to import through our Affiliates.

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